Recent Journal/Paper of Antarctic/Artic Sea Ice Monitoring

  1. need help here~
    i want to collect latest journal/paper about antarctica/ artic sea ice monitoring..i search through internet..but hardly to get them... :(
    any1 can help me??
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    Earth sciences news on
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    Internet is not the best place to search, scientific library (college, university) would be much better. They don't only have access to correct databases, but also librarians are trained in getting the necessary information, so they should be able to help.
  4. The University of Washington Polar Science Center has a number of publications:

    They also provide a nice graph of the Arctic Sea Ice Volume anomaly:


    Arctic Sea Ice reaches a seasonal minimum in September.
    Monthly average Arctic Ice Volume for Sept 2010 was 4,000 km^3.
    The long term trend is a loss of 3,500 km^3 per decade.
    However, losses over the last 5 years are closer to 5,000 km^3.
    So, the implications seem clear enough.

    Also, here is the state of the Science concerning snow, ice and frozen ground as of 2007:

    It's an interesting read. However, as can be seen from the PIOMAS graph, conditions have changed over the last few years with Arctic Sea Ice.

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    Why is the volumetric sea ice loss so much faster than the surface area loss? Is it simply a matter of water being far better at establishing thermal contact to the ice than air is?
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    Here are one of the latest papers on the Antartic.

    Seriously, it took 5 seconds to find a slew of recent papers.

    This subject goes into a closed topic here, so the thread is closed.
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