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Recommendation for able high school physics students

  1. Nov 22, 2014 #1
    If you are a high school student, a physics buff, and enjoying independent study and exploring, here are some recommendation for you:
    1. MIT classical mechanics and electromagnetism
    available in MIT OCW and edx. I recommend edx because it is better organized and contains review and exam section as well as discussion forum.
    2.cousera: Understanding Einstein: the special theory of relativity
    exploring quantum mechanics
    introduction to astronomy
    3.books: A.Zee's Einstein gravity in a nutshell and Quantum field theory in a netshull
    university physics with modern physics by Young and Freedman
    4.experiment book
    125 physics projects for the evil genius

    About math
    1.cousera: preparing for AP Calculus AB and BC exam
    Preparing for AP statistics exam
    also available in edx
    2.Pails Online Math Notes

    about computer science
    1.Harvard's cs50: introduction to computer science
    available in edx

    Hope these are helpful for you. I am currently working on these areas, and want to work together with students who are also interested as an online study group. Are there any one interested in this idea?
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  3. Nov 23, 2014 #2
    For online courses, I have three more to add: PHYS102x Electricity & Magnetism and PHYS201x Wave & Optics, both offered by Rice on edX. And UPenn's Single Variable Calculus on Coursera.

    I took 102x in Spring this year when self-studying the AP Physics C exam; It helped me got my 5. But I have learn much more than just the exam itself (the course is beyond the scope of AP anyway), especially loved its introduction to Maxwell's Equations and EM waves. Its quantity is far beyond my exception, everything is presented so inspiringly and creatively, loved the course and the professor a lot.

    201x is the next course in series of 102x, which is taught by the same professor. And it is still ongoing right now, already in its second half though. High quantity and very creative as before, so bad that I am busy on college admission right now and have little time for it.

    I took the Single Variable Calculus course this summer, as many said, it is truly a classic of MOOC. Everything is presented with high quantity graphics, in order words, every piece of math concept there is in drawing. The course is interesting enough that even for a person like me who has little interest in math other than using it as a tool in physics is completely fascinated in the professor's colorful calculus world.

    Hopefully I can get through this excruciating admission process by next month, so that I can continue my adventure... And I am definitely going to try the famous 8.01 and 8.02, had thought of them last year but never have the time.
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