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Recommendation on good Analysis textbook to supplement class

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    Just a quick question for those who have had plenty of exposure to Analysis.

    Currently, I'm in an Analysis class. We are using Arthur Mattuck's "Introduction to Analysis" textbook. While I think it's a good book and I enjoy the class, I can't help to think that the teacher is watering down our class, especially when I looked at other Analysis textbooks. This semester, we covered Chp 1-15 (Pretty much everything but integration), as well as some topology, but I feel as if though this class is moving a bit slow.

    Question is, does anyone have a recommendation for a good book which I can supplement my class? I heard Rudin's was good. I'm looking for something rigorous but readable.

    Any help?
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    if you are almost done with the class, rudin cannot hurt. The problems will help the most. Theres a lot of interesting stuff too - a nowhere differentiable continuous function and the reimann series theorem for example.

    for a supplement this late in the semester it probably makes the most sense just to find good problems and to use wikipedia as a reference for definitions you are not aquainted with. this is easy to do, look at analysis exams (prelim grad exams as well). berkeley has a exam archive, 104 is their first analysis course. theres good stuff there.
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