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Homework Help: Rectangular Resolution and Polygon Theorem

  1. Feb 2, 2009 #1
    1. Find the resultant of two forces of 40 lbs. and 50 lbs. acting at an angle of 60○ between them.
    2. Three forces of 30 gms, 50 gms, and 60 gms respectively act at an angle of 120○ from each other. Find the resultant by rectangular-resolution (a) by making the 30-gm force lie on the x-axis, (b) By making the 60-gm force lie on the x-axis.
    3. A weight of 100 lbs is supported vertically by two ropes, one making 60○ above the horizontal to the right and the other making an angle of 37○ above the horizontal to the left. Find the tension on the ropes.
    4. By rectangular resolution of forces, find the resultant of the following forces: P=40 gms along the x-axis toward the right. Q=50 gms, 30○ above the horizontal toward the left; S = 20 gms vertically up; and T = 60 gms acting downward 30○ to the left of the vertical.
    5. Each end of a wire 17 inches long is fastened, respectively, to two hooks lying on the same horizontal line. The hooks are 13 inches apart. A 26-lb weight is suspended in the wire at a point 5 inches from one hook. Find the tension of each part of the wire.
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    This is a nice set of questions. But it strikes me that this is your home work and not ours!

    I believe that the rules of this forum state that you must show your attempts at solution when asking for help.

    By the way there are several hints for getting started right in the questions.
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