What is Resolution: Definition and 309 Discussions

Dispute resolution or dispute settlement is the process of resolving disputes between parties. The term dispute resolution is sometimes used interchangeably with conflict resolution, although conflicts are generally more deep-rooted and lengthy than disputes. Dispute resolution techniques assist the resolution of antagonisms between parties that can include citizens, corporations, and governments.

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  1. T

    I Tomography image resolution

    hello i would like to ask how to obtain tomographic image resolutions from wifi sensing and imaging using signals processing. thanks very much.
  2. B

    A Optimizing MCP Position Resolution: Latest Research and References"

    Hello! I am doing some calculations and I would like to use the best value for a micro channel plate (position sensitive) position resolution to date. I don't care too much about the details, but I don't want to use too small of a value and of course I'd like to give a reference for this value...
  3. M

    Optics for High Resolution Laser Imaging: Finding the Best Path

    Objectives: - best path for optics needed to focus and "draw"/project a high resolution image onto a workspace around 500mm square (for a Laser Direct Imaging machine) - where to cost effectively purchase or make the optics necessary to build a prototype The problem: I need to project a high...
  4. Y

    Do I have choice what resolution to stream using boxes like Roku?

    Hi Sorry about the stupid question. I am completely green on tv streaming. I have a limitation of 25MBPS internet connection. I know 4K video needs 25MBPS speed. That is I can ONLY run one tv. I really don't care about the clarity and resolution. I have modern smart tv, but I am still feeding...
  5. A

    MATLAB Boundary conditions in the resolution of a PDE with the FFT method

    How to impose boundary conditions when solving a PDE with fft? For example here: If I copy this code I get periodic boundary conditions. Thank you
  6. QuarkDecay

    Fourier transformation for circular apertures

    My notes say that the Resolution of the Aperture(in the Electric field of the wave) is the Fourier transformation of the aperture. Then gives us the equation of the aperture: and says that for the circular aperture in particular also: My attempt at solving this: We know that the Fourier...
  7. M

    A MCP Detector Resolution: Gaussian vs Uniform Distribution

    Hello! If I want to model the time and spatial resolution of an MCP detector, should I use a gaussian or a uniform distribution? I imagine that, for example for the spatial distribution, the uncertainty is given by the size of the pixel on the detector, which makes me think that uniform...
  8. ThiagoMNobrega

    B Low magnification, high resolution, experiments on photon sieves?

    In the video above we can see the wave like patterns. The microscope on the video, used on the experiment, has a low quality and a low magnification. If anyone has a scientific article or a video source for such experiment with low magnification but with a high quality of definition it would be...
  9. F

    The stiffness of an FEA model depends on the mesh resolution?

    As is well known, the stiffness of an FEA model decreases with a refined mesh. What's the rigorous derivation of this?
  10. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci How to learn resolution in predicate logic?

    This is not really a homework question so don't bother answering them. It is more of a guidance problem. This is what I find the hardest out of all topics.. Unfortunately, this topic is a fixed 10 marks question in our 80 marks exam. Comes every time. The types of questions that I need to deal...
  11. shivajikobardan

    MHB How to learn resolution in predicate logic?

    This is not really a homework question so don't bother answering them. It is more of a guidance problem. This is what I find the hardest out of all topics.. Unfortunately, this topic is a fixed 10 marks question in our 80 marks exam. Comes every time. The types of questions that I need to deal...
  12. M

    Why does my sensor show "gaps" every 16 units of resolution?

    Hello Gentlemen, I'm not an EE engineer, yet trying to help my colleagues. I would like to get a general feeling of what could be going on. Probably trivial for some of you. Background We have a motor/torque sensor device that is measuring torque values. We get out digital signals for Torque...
  13. L

    I Resolution of observation telescopes?

    I was wondering how the resolution is of a observatory station and compare that to its field of view? Higher rez with larger field or higher rez with more narrow field but much more scanning across the sky to create full images?
  14. A

    I Why do modern X ray images have better resolution compared to older ones?

    It just occurred to me while watching some old X ray images , what is the reason behind why modern X ray images have so much more detail than older ones especially really old ones from the beginning of the technology at the start of 20th century? I ask this because (unlike in a CT scanner which...
  15. F

    Pixelation of bitmap images (pixel size, pixel density, resolution)

    Hello Forum, I am attempting to understand what causes pixelation when a bitmap (jpg, png, etc.) image is enlarged. Bitmap images have a resolution indicated as the number of pixels along the width and height of the image itself. On the other hand, computer monitors also have a physical...
  16. greg_rack

    Two-body equation of motion resolution

    Hi guys, I have started studying differential equations on my own, sticking to my last high-school year's textbook, along with a few physics applications of ODEs. Online I came across the n-body problem, which then took me to the basic two-body problem! I'm here to ask you a few things about...
  17. K

    I Axes of the 2-d coordinate system used in vector resolution

    Hello, This question is with regards to the discussion around page 56 (1971 Edition) in Anthony French's Newtonian Mechanics. He is discussing the choice of a coordinate system where the axes are not necessarily perpendicular to each other. Here is the summary of what I read (as applied to...
  18. S

    Imaging resolution for a microscope and eye

    Hello folks, I have the two following questions I'm working on: Q1 An optical microscope uses a lens with NA = 0.7 and a focal length of f = 20 mm. What is the smallest spatial distance that can be resolved if a wavelength of λ = 633nm is used? An iris is introduced in front of the lens with a...
  19. J

    Engineering Solve Force at C: Magnitude & Direction | Help Needed

    Can anyone help me solve the magnitude and direction of force at C. I've managed to get a value for AB. Using basic trig and substituting into F= ((9x150+19.62×350) / 50) / cos9.782 Therefore producing an upward force at AB=166.7N when it comes to force @ C.. I'm lost!
  20. mertcan

    Linear programming and resolution theorem

    Hi everyone hope you are well, I would like to express what I have done for this question: Proving and employing caratheodory theorem we can say that any point in polyhedron can be expressed as a convex combination of at most n+1 points (where n is the space dimension) in same polyhedron that...
  21. Ishika_96_sparkles

    I Feynman's Lectures volume III (Ch:8) -- Resolution of vector states

    In the section 8-2 dealing with resolving the state vectors, we learn that |\phi \rangle =\sum_i C_i | i \rangle and the dual vector is defined as \langle \chi | =\sum_j D^*_j \langle j |Then, the an inner product is defined as \langle \chi | \phi \rangle =\sum_{ij} D^*_j C_i \langle j | i...
  22. AzureSekki

    Vector resolution onto axes not at right-angles

    Summary:: I'm quite stuck on this problem i don't know what I am going to use formula to solve this one This is the given I am not sure if this is a resolution problem or it involve parallelogram law
  23. Physics Student 1234

    I Is there a distinction between angular resolution and angular discrimination?

    My understanding is that the terms are synonymous but I'm just wondering if there is a subtle difference between the two terms which I am unaware of.
  24. lomidrevo

    B The highest resolution image of the Sun’s surface ever taken

    Full article: https://www.aura-astronomy.org/news/nsfs-newest-solar-telescope-produces-first-images/
  25. H

    I Energy resolution of a homogeneous calorimeter

    Hi I want to look at the energy resolution of a homogeneous calorimeter, in the literature I found that is given by σ/E = a ⊕ b/√E ⊕ c/E and I found that the ⊕ means quadratic sum, what does quadratic sum mean? Thanks Aaron
  26. A

    I Muon lifetime measurement experiment

    Hello everybody! I have a question regarding my physics laboratory at the university. I am performing the measure of muon lifetime. The setup is quite standard (coincidence measurement with plastic scintillators). My question is about the time resolution. I have tried to see if the time...
  27. T

    I High resolution visible spectrum

    I'm trying to find a high resolution image that shows the visible electromagnetic spectrum with a fine graded scale. It should be detailed enough to pinpoint which exact colour corresponds to a particulate wavelength (integer in nanometer) of light. I find a lot of images through searches but no...
  28. Adgorn

    Rayleigh criterion when light phase is known

    Hi everyone, this is sort of a soft question which I need to ask to make sure my understanding is correct, it relates to a little project I'm doing on measurement resolution. The first question is to clear up a general concept, the second is based on the first and is the actual question...
  29. JD_PM

    Size resolution limitation on Dynamic Light Scattering

    I have been looking online and it is stated to be 1nm, but these are posts around 6 years old: https://www.azonano.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=3662 https://www.researchgate.net/post/Whats_the_measurement_limit_of_dynamic_light_scattering I am wondering if the limiting resolution has improved...
  30. Davephaelon

    I Particle track resolution of the positive lambda particle

    The positive lambda has a quark composition udc, and a lifespan of 2 x 10 minus 13 seconds. When this particle is created in a collision, inside a modern detector, how long will its track be? At near the speed of light, its lifetime would allow it to traverse less than a tenth of a millimeter...
  31. G

    I The 1.22 factor in the angular resolution

    Hi. The angular resolution is calculated through $$\theta=1.22\frac{\lambda}{D}\enspace.$$ It's the first zero of the intensity function (in small-angle approximation) of the Airy disk...
  32. J

    MHB Resolution method and counterexample

    Hi! Am new to this forum, but I have looked around here for some time now, since am studying a course of logic in the context of computer science. I have a very important exam in a few days, and while I thought I got it, I got shocked when I was looking on previous graded exams to see what I...
  33. A

    I Calculating the resolution limit using Fermat's principle

    Hi, I read the Feynman Lectures Volume 1, Chapter 27, section 27-7, which can be here. In the lecture he describes the fundamental limits of resolution and provides a criterion. Here is the diagram I am referring to, figure 27.-9: There are two light sources, ##P## and ##P'## There is an...
  34. N

    How to find the minimum angular resolution?

    Homework Statement λ = 240 nm D = 2.40 m We are supposed to find the angle resolution (minimum angular distance between two objects so we still see them as two separate objects) to the telescope for ultraviolet light with wavelength 240 nm Homework Equations The equation that I used is θ =...
  35. G

    Equation for the resolving power of a microscope?

    Hi I'm reading through a Quantum Mechanics textbook called Quantum Mechanics by Book by Alastair I. M. Rae and in the opening chapter it talks about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and talks about how a measurement of position of a particle causes an uncertainty from the momentum due to the...
  36. ubergewehr273

    Resolution of vectors for problems related to mechanics

    Homework Statement Refer the given image. [Prob 2.9] Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution I drew the normal vector perpendicular to the surface of the cone and resolved it as ##Nsin\theta=mg## ##Ncos\theta=\frac {mv_{0}^2} {r}## where ##v_{0}## and ##r## are the speed and radius...
  37. T

    Resolution of a semiconductor detector

    Homework Statement A novel semiconductor detector crystal requires an average energy of 1.8 eV to create an electron-hole pair, it has a Fano factor of F=0.2. Use this information to calculate the potential resolution for detecting a gamma-ray with an energy of 700 keV. Homework Equations...
  38. jfizzix

    A Violating conservation of momentum and its resolution

    The process is known as counter-propagating Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion (CP-SPDC). In regular SPDC, a photon from a (pump) laser enters a transparent nonlinear crystal at rest, and gets converted into a pair of photons whose total energy and momentum add up to that of the original...
  39. B

    I Effect of impedance changes less than a wavelength

    I am interested to know what is the impact of various length scales of impedance changes on wave propagation. From undergraduate physics (a few years ago for me) I roughly remember how to derive reflection and transmission coefficients for a wave traveling from one medium to another with a...
  40. Clara Chung

    White light interference pattern and its resolution criteria

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't know how to do part d. For di, i know that separation of arm d should be small in order to have spatial coherence. For dii, what is the meaningful criterion, can I say the primary max of blue light lies on the first zero...
  41. A

    Appropriate bin size given an energy resolution

    Homework Statement A new particle with the mass of 317 GeV and natural width which is much smaller than the mass resolution of the detector is under investigation. It decays into two photons with equal energies, which are detected in the electromagnetic calorimeter. If one searches the particle...
  42. D

    I How does the distribution depend on a variable resolution

    Dear all, We were trying to solve the following question but did not quite understand what to do. The question is as follows: The reconstructed invariant mass is usually described by a Gaussian (or Normal) distribution. However, the resolution σ (the width of the distribution) is found to...
  43. Telemachus

    I Resolution of a PDE with second order Runge-Kutta

    Hi, I want to solve the p.d.e.: ##\frac{\partial u(x,t)}{\partial t} - \frac{\partial^2 u(x,t)}{\partial x^2}=f(x,t)##, with periodic boundary conditions ##u(x,t)=u(L,t)##. using a second order Runge-Kutta method in time. However, I am not having the proper results when I apply this method to...
  44. Graeme M

    Resolution of the human visual system in physical terms

    I've often wondered at the "resolution" of the human visual system but it's not at all clear from what I've read whether this question even makes sense. As a sort of general position, many of the articles I've read suggest that the human eye, over the full field of vision, delivers around...
  45. Ecthe

    I Spectrometer: bandpass and resolution

    Hello there, I am trying to improve my understanding regarding spectrometers bandpass, resolution etc. For that, I went through the Ridchardson grating handbook and on Horiba’s website where they have a nice explanation...
  46. A

    Stargazing Where can I find high resolution photos of distant stars?

    Hello I've been digging around for high resolution photos of distant stars now for awhile. The search has been pretty difficult. If what I've been reading is correct then there appears to be a limit to viewing small objects like stars, if this is true can someone help me understand the reason...
  47. S

    I Alpha Spectroscopy: Why does Peak Resolution Change?

    I'm trying to understand why peak resolution changed in my alpha spectroscopy experiment. I've increased the distance between a Am-241 source and a silicon surface barrier (semiconductor) detector and taken spectra along the way, recording information about peak height and FWHM. As the...
  48. J

    I What are the limits on resolution of STORM/PALM?

    I know localisation microscopy 'beats' the limit on resolution by activating individual sources and rendering a final image, but what are the limits that prevent the resolution of the images of these individual fluorophores? Is it just the number of photons collected? Cheers