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'red flags' in searching for graduate schools

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    Hey all, I'm in the final stages of making a decision on where I will apply for grad school in aerospace engineering. I was looking pretty strongly at the University of Alabama Huntsville. They seem to do some pretty good research in the area I'm interested in, and I'm sure they have some industry partnerships with Marshal/Redstone. My concern is that they're admissions requirements seem alarmingly lax. From what I can tell, they don't even require you to submit a transcript or letter of rec, they list the application deadline for next fall as mid-July, and offer "unconditional admittance" if you meet certain criteria. I assume they are doing some sort of enrollment drive, but should I be concerned that these lax requirements reflect on the quality of the program as a whole? Given, this school would be my fallback option, but c'mon, there still need to be some standards don't there?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Less than five minutes on their website produced this: "Applicants for degree admission must submit complete transcripts from all colleges and universities attended."
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    hmmmm... I see what you mean, my bad. In my defense, after you create an account and start the application, it doesn't direct you to submit a transcript. Also, i found that in reference to my point on the application deadline, it does say that to be considered for funding, it is strongly encouraged to submit your application months ahead of the posted due date. So I suppose I shouldn't be as concerned as I originally was. Sorry to waste your time...
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