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Red shift and zero point energy

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    Is there a relationship between red shift of galxies and zero point energy?
    Has the zero point energy changed over time?
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    If, as Fritz Zwicky thought, redshift arises from light's interaction with the space through which it propagates, yes. Einstein thought that light had to interact with space (as a transmissive medium, too). Today, we are MUCH smarter and have no truck with such crazy ideas. :rolleyes:

    There are a few modern theoreticians including Fotini Markopoulou-Kalamara, who think that light may interact with the the transmissive media (space) through which it propagates, and that since high-frequency EM must interact more frequently than low-frequency EM, that high-frequency EM must be delayed relative to the low-frequency EM. The MAGIC consortium has recently published about such a delay, though this observation has not been replicated.
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    zero point energy changes?

    Thanks for the reply that is what I have read also about space no really bieng a compleat vacum there fore causeing a slight index of refraction. Any thoughts on zero point energy changing over time?
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