zero point energy

  1. Petr Matas

    I Extremely cold crystal

    Is it theoretically possible to cool a macroscopic crystal (for example NaCl 1×1×1 cm) to an extremely low temperature, like 1 nK? Will it retain its microscopic structure? Why? Does it have anything to do with zero point energy (I mean something like the lowest energy level of a quantum...
  2. aethergravitics

    Old dog still learning new tricks

    I have an experimental bent. I am currently trying to expose the tachyon field (replace with quantum field, zero point or whatever term is currently your favorite). Also, currently trying to use a longitudinal wavelength in place of a conductor to reach the ionosphere and tap its electrical...
  3. F

    I Relation between quantum fluctuations and vacuum energy?

    As far as I understand it, the non-zero vacuum energy attributed to a quantum field (at each point in space-time) is precisely due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle (and the fact that the energy of the quantum field at each space-time point is quantised). Accordingly (in order to satisfy...
  4. JG1009

    Zero-point energy and QED vacuum state

    I'm relatively new to QFT and was wondering how the QED vacuum has a dormant zero average-field condition if there is a zero-point energy of the field as well? How is there a zero average and a zero point energy?