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Redirect output of mc6811 from terminal to a file

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    I want to redirect output of mc6811 from terminal to a file.I have tried google search and did not find any solution for that.Can anyone help me?I appreciate your help.

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    Re: Mc68hc11

    You need to provide more information if you want someone to help you. Until then the answer is no. Last time I worked with the mc68hc11 was 14 years ago.
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    Re: Mc68hc11


    I am using Axide software.I use 'g2000' in hyperterminal to display the output.I would like to redirect this output(present on terminal) to a file.

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    Re: Mc68hc11

    Hello Rose,

    You can save (capture) what the terminal receives. I haven't used Hyperterm in nearly a decade, but this post outlines how to do it:

    In my opinion, a far less clunky terminal program (as far as Windows is concerned) is the free, and open source Tera Term:

    You'll note that under the file menu, there's an option to log received characters:

    EDIT: ...And welcome to PhysicsForums!
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