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Reference request: Supermanifolds with open charts approach

  1. Mar 9, 2015 #1
    I've decided to work on some topics about supersymmetry for my undergraduate thesis. My background is that I have had a one-semester course in differentiable manifolds, plus typical undergrad math courses, real analysis and module theory (graduate algebra).

    So, I went to the library and found a book written by some famous mathematicians and physicists like Witten and Delign. It's called Quantum Fields and Strings: A course for mathematicians. I started reading the first two chapter. My main problem with the book is that it defines supermanifolds by sheaf of algebras and I don't know anything about sheaves or schemes and I don't have time to study algebraic geometry this semester. Is there a good book that covers general topics that students need to know about supersymmetry without using sheaves and schemes?

    What books do you think I should look at? Thanks in advance.
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    If I understand your question right, you are looking for a reference about super manifolds, and not necessarily about supersymmetry in quantum field theory, which is what people usually mean when they say supersymmetry? If so, you can try to have a look at
    if you are interested in supersymmetric quantum field theories, have a look at
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