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Reflection of light upon ourselves

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    I was thinking... When you shine a light in a mirror, the surface is reflective enough to produce a smooth image. Are we reflections of light, or does light simply shine on us to light us up? It would seem like when light hits mass, it is reflected, which produces the images that we see. And if we are reflections of light, would a reflection of a person in a mirror actually present the true nature of dark objects, since it's backwards?
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    Generally when light hits an object like a person, it bounces off in all directions, and if that light hits someones eyes, then they see it.

    What exactly is your question? What do you mean by the "true nature" of dark objects?
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    Indeed, what do you mean by "dark objects"!
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    Well what I'm saying is, if our appearance is merely a reflection of light (since the protons bounce off what it hits) then that would mean that when you look into a mirror, it's showing a reflection of a reflection, therefore making it the "true" appearance of dark objects. What I mean about dark objects is; without light reflecting off of dark objects, they are in their true appearance, although dark. When light hits them, it makes a reflection... Is this correct?
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    I fail to see why a second reflection of photons makes something "true"er. Also, why do you call objects that light is re-emitted from "dark" ? I would define a dark object to be an object that does not re-emit any incident light.
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