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Refractive index to measure temperature

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    Here is the question:
    A factory uses a beam of light to allow workers to visually check the temperature of a liquid. A semi-circular crown glass (refractive index (n) =1.75) block is placed in a liquid X whose refractive index n changes with temperature T (in °C) according to the formula:
    n = 2.25 – 0.025T
    A light ray may be directed to the centre of the glass block makes and angle Ө = 60° with the normal

    If the ray is totally reflected at O, find the refractive index and the corresponding temperature of liquid X.


    My working:
    from this point onwards I am stuck, any post regarding hints/working/solution will be greatly appreciated
    Thank you,
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    well, it's sin(theta_c)=n2/n1 , ( n1>n2 )

    try working this out, with givens you have.
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    thank you kindly

    thanks for this bit of imformation, i have now solved the problem
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