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Regarding Upper and lower integral sets.

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    I am having some doubts in the definitions of the upper and lower integrals in apostol.

    There is a statement saying "Let S denote the set of all numbers [itex]_{a}[/itex][itex]\int[/itex] [itex]^{b}[/itex] s(x) dx obtained as s runs through all step functions below f i.e. S = { [itex]_{a}[/itex][itex]\int[/itex] [itex]^{b}[/itex] s(x) dx | s < f} "

    I did not get this. Shouldn't S be a singleton with a only a single element being the summation of the area of all the step functions below f ?
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    From what I get, the integral refers to the numerical value of the step function

    satisfying the condition s<f. So for each such step function you get the associated

    number, so you end with S as a collection of numbers.
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    When I do a [itex]\int[/itex][itex]_{a}[/itex][itex]^{b}[/itex] s(x) dx I should have single number no? Even if he is considering different values for the step functions he should finally sum it up because the definition of integration says so right?
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    That sounds right; for each choice of step function you get a numerical value-- the

    Riemann integral of the step function.
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