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Homework Help: Regarding vectors, resultants, and angles

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    I have two problems that I cannot seem to figure out. I already know the answers, but I want to know the process of how to complete them so I know for quizzes and tests.

    1. Vector A is 3 units in length and points along the positive x-axis; vector B is 4 units in length and points along a direction 150 degrees from the positive x-axis. What is the direction of the resultant with respect to the positive x-axis?

    The correct answer is 103 degrees, but I want to know how to get to it.

    2. The following force vectors act on an object: i.) 50 newtons at 45 degrees north of east and ii.) 25 newtons at 30 degrees south of east. Which of the following represents the magnitude of the resultant and its angle relative to the easterly direction?

    The correct answer is 61.4 newtons at 21.8 degrees, but again, I want to know how to get to it.
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    Show us some effort and the relevant equations.
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    and draw the vector diagram
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    Hello ble, and welcome to PF. :-)

    The number 2. in the template is there so that potential helpers can provide assistance at an adequate level. After all, that's literally what you are asking for. The 3 is to show what you have done so far, so you can get help at the point where you are stuck. Much better than starting with nothing.

    So don't discard the template but make good use of it. Its use happens to be compulsory in PF.
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