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I Regression: which parameters to use and how to plot the data

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    I am yet very weak in statistics, but I am learning some basic finance, and this requires to create regression.
    Please, take a look at attached files - one excel that contains the results of regression and one screen shot of the window of StatPlus that I have to fill in. Before using my own data I would like to replicate the analysis presented in the file. I don't understand which columns are used to perform a regression model. There is part of data that computes variables for regression model, and it contains 4 columns. The goal is to find predicted dividends. So I assume that dividends per share is the dependent variable. But I still don't understand which columns I should use and how.
    I will be very grateful for your help!
    Thank you very much!
    Edit: corrected the excel file, and added my results.

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    Hi Ducmod,
    In your attached Excel sheet, the columns used for the regression are clearly marked. Columns G-J are titled "Data for Regression Model".

    The model was described by:
    ##D_t = a + bD_{t-1}+cEPS_t+d(\Delta EPS)##
    You are correct that the Dividend, ##D_t## is your dependent variable, and you have 3 independent variables for this model, ##D_{t-1}## is called the "lagged DPS", ##EPS_t## is the "annual EPS", and ##\Delta EPS## is the "change in EPS".

    The coefficients for the model, a, b, c, and d, are listed in that order in your output table.

    Does that address your question?
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    Hello RUber,
    Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, your answer does address my problem. I will now try to run regression again. It is very challenging for me )
    Thank you!
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