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Relating physics forces and entropy

  1. May 25, 2013 #1
    Consider proton and electron are seperated in space at some finite distance.Now suppose they released then the decrease in potential energy equals kinetic energy but as electrons or protons are accelerated they emit em and lose some gained kinetic energy.Also the mass is another form of energy.So there will be increase in mass.Can anyone relate all quantities.And i write entropy above because i thought the forces can exert on particles to accelerate them only becuse by doing so they increase entropy by dispersing energy in space with em waves and thus decreasing energy density am i right?
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    It's a decrease in mass, not an increase; the particles have given up energy and hence mass when radiation is emitted. Google for "binding energy" and you'll find more.

    Entropy is something completely different, isn't involved in this problem at all.
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    people made entropy disconnected i thought it is one of the basic property of universe
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