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Relationship between dose rate and amount of radioactive particles

  1. Feb 7, 2013 #1

    This might be a silly question but I've been struggling to find this out.

    What is the relationship between dose rate and the amount of Cs-137 in an area?

    if I know the exposure dose of the area is 5mSv, how can I work out how much Cs-137 is in this area?

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    5mSv in what time frame?
    In addition, it depends on the location of Cs-137. Is it in the ground, or in the air, or somewhere else? How deep in the ground? ...

    For a rough estimate of the activity, you can divide the number of Cs-137-atoms in some volume by the lifetime to get the decays per time and volume. Multiply it with the decay energy to get the released energy per time and volume.
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    We would need to know the length of time of exposure, the location of the source from the measurement point and any potential medium that the sourced energy must travel through.
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