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Relationship between light intensity and current

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    I'm doing a solar cell characterization project. But due to some fault in my solar simulator(I'm getting different results from another set up), I'm now figuring a way to check the intensity of light shone by my simulator on cell. I'm trying to obtain it from the corrected data of my cell (Isc, Voc,... etc) Is there any formula that links light intensity and current generated? Thanks.
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    I am not sure how much of help this is as I am not sure what exactly is being done. As far as I know, the Quantum efficiencies (EQE and IQE) give the ratio between the number of photons shining on the solar cell to the current generated. So if you can convert the intensity to number of photons (I think it is given as number of photons/area= Intensity/h*frequency), then you can link that to the current via these quantities.

    You might check this file as well (again don't know how helpful it is)
    http://www.icpress.co.uk/etextbook/p276/p276_chap1.pdf [Broken]
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