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Relative Velocity Motorboat Problem

  1. Jan 6, 2014 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A motorboat is observed to travel 10 km/hr relative to earth in the direction 37° north of east. If the velocity of the boat due to wind ONLY is 2 km/hr westward and that due to current is 4 km/hr southward, what is the magnitude and velocity of the motorboat due to its own power ?

    2. Where I got stuck

    I cant figure out if V of Boat with resp to earth is given, what we have to find and whether "v due to wind..." means V of boat with respect to wind.....if yes, what should i take as the velocity of Boat?
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    Well, it might help to first draw a vector of the boat's velocity relative to the earth and see what that contributes to westward and southern velocities. What might you do after that?
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    hi rajumahtora! :smile:
    i agree the wording is a little unsatisfactory

    but the question is obviously about the addition and subtraction of velocities (as vectors), so just treat it as such :wink:
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    The question means that the boat's observed motion is a result of three things: wind, current and motor. You are told what the motion would be without current or motor, and what it would be without wind or motor. You are asked what it would be without wind or current.
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