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Relativists please answer this scnerio

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    Here is a scenario...two places A & B

    A--------- 7.5 LM distance (1349066061 KM) -----------------B

    Build a wall @ B, A person starts high speed and he stops @ B as soon as he hit.
    Person A starts @ 10:00 am and he travels @ .75C speed
    So according to A he took 6.61443 mins to cover distance of A--->B

    According to observer A took 10 mins to reach B
    According to the observer the velocity was distance/time = 7.5LM/10M = .75C which matches the reality

    Immediately after the journey this question was thrown to the driver, "Sir may we know the speed of your Jet?"
    Person A calculates and says "well I covered 1349066061km in 6.61443 mins, So I guess my velocity was 1.1333C....

    However according to Einstein’s theory nothing can cross Speed of light, but that driver claims he traveled @ 1.13C speed....Sot the driver's calculation is wrong, because his clock got malfunctioned.

    Nehemiah is a strong opposing energy against time dilation, And he strongly believes people who says time dilates they forgot to blame the clock but time.

    Nehemiah's few strong points against time dilation are as follows, "All clocks in the world are somewhere inefficient"

    1. Water based hourglass doesn't work well due to low temperature ( ~viscosity differs)

    2. A sand based hourglass, doesn't work well when we go out of earth due to low gravity.

    3. A bacterial clock doesn't well if it is kept inside a refrigerator. (Bacterial clock means a clock which shows time by measuring the # of bacteria inside a bottle based on the speed of reproduction) If you have two bacterial clock and keep one inside fridge and another outside fridge;Of course the clock inside fridge will run slowly...If a person says "when temperature gets down then time dilates, and when temperature reaches 0"Celcius time stops", he must be obviously a moron"

    4. Atomic clock doesn't function well in case of high velocity...

    So all the above mentioned clocks are subject to malfunctioning due to variance of viscosity, gravity, velocity & temperature.

    Yet Nehemiah never understood why relativists keep saying time dilates. How can time dilate, Its none other that your clock runs slow...not the time
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    the atomic clock is the time measurer and the one u said that the atomic clock run slower at high velocity that phenomina is only time dialition.
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    NO...Atomic clock is NOT the perfect time measure....What made us to think like that? Can't atomic clock fail and better technology come tomorrow?....In fact I have better clock than atomic clock which is not affected by high velocity... :)
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    Vanadium 50

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    Nehemiah needs to read the thread labeled "IMPORTANT! Read before posting" at the top of this page.

    Nehemiah needs to follow those guidelines to post here.

    It would help Nehemiah if he were to stop referring to himself in the third person. Nehemiah might think that it gives Nehemiah's posts some gravitas, but it is more likely to invoke other instances like "Mongo only pawn in game of life".
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