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Request for Data- Band gap of CdSe quantum dots against size

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    Would anybody be able to provide me with data concerning the band gap of colloidal CdSe quantum dots against their size?? I am currently using CdSe dots with a ZnS shell, capped with HDA. Any relevant information would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    David Cunnah
    (studying PhD in opto electronics (physics) in Cardiff University, Wales, UK)
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    You might find something in the references from one of these:

    1. "Lateral Patterning of Luminescent CdSe Nanocrystals by Selective Dewetting from Self-Assembled Organic Templates", N. Lu, et al Nano Letters 4, 885 (2004)

    2. "Highly emissive colloidal CdSe/CdS heterostructures of mixed dimensionality" D. V. Talapin , et al Nano Letters 3, 1677 (2003)
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    Very helpful!! Thank you!!
    Out of interest are there any search engines other than googlescholar you recommend for searching for articles??
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    Claude Bile

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