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Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has any external sources for a list of math textbooks, particularly by the same author, going from arithmetic all the way to differential calculus (or some other harder form of mathematics). The reason I want it to be the same author, is so I can be sure that I get every concept concisely, from A-Z. What I am looking for is specifically in .pdf form, so I can save it for external reading. Any help on this matter would be very much appreciated. If you do not know of any 'free' textbooks that go from basic math to the hardest form possible, please cite me to online textbooks, doing the same thing, but for a cost, and in book form.

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I don't know of one author who has written that wide a range of math books. Having said that its really far better to read a sequence of authors whose books are considered classics in that particular topic. One author wont necessarily explain any given concept as well in all cases for the range of math.

While not ebooks, there's the mathispower4u that handles all the math needed for highschool and first year college:

His videos are short concise and dont get in the way of teaching the concepts. You could watch them, take notes and use a review to try to master the concepts.

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