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Requirement of Automobile glasses

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    I just wanted to understand what are the main properties required for an automobile glass. I understand that for a windshield of an automobile, the material must have high impact resistance but do compressive and tensile strengths also matter that much?
    For the window glasses in automobiles what properties are required?

    I have generally observed that the windshield is made of laminated glass and the other glasses are generally toughened glasses.

    why acrylic material sheets not used commonly in place of these glasses?
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    The issue with acrylic is that it tends to be susceptible to UV damage that would cloud the users vision. Have you ever seen a car with old, yellowed headlights? It's the same thing.
    Acrylic can't be used for the side windows either because the side windows need to be shatter-able in case the vehicle becomes submerged.

    Aside from that... I'm not too sure.
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    but i have seen a few suppliers of acrylic saying that their material doesn't yellow when exposed to sunlight and UV rays and some even give a warranty of 10 years.

    i agree that the cars side glasses must me shatter-able so as to break open during emergency, but i suppose for other type of applications say in construction equipment they might be used. But i am not sure is acrylic costly compared to glass?
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