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Research on general relativity!

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    i am a master's student and want to work on general relativity! does anybody have information on the most recent fields of research in general relativity!
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    Chris Hillman

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    Suggest some reading

    A master's student in physics? At what uni? Did you ask your professors? Did you look for past PF threads discussing similar questions? (In the most recent, several of us mentioned Matt Visser as a leading researcher who is deeply involved in several of the most intriguing areas of research in gravitation physics.)

    An excellent reference for advanced students is Living Reviews in Relativity, a website which offers many authoritative and generally excellent review papers.
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    You might also wish to browse http://arxiv.org/archive/gr-qc
    ...but you'll have to sort them into "fields of research", as well as into levels of quality and usefulness.
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    Chris Hillman

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    Well, maybe not browse, but keeping an eye on this section over the next year would be a good idea. After a while you will probably begin to associate some names with eprints you consider to be particularly interesting.
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    thanks a lot Chris! the comments was very helpful!
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