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Homework Help: Resistor connected in series with a capacitor?

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    Pls help..

    If i have a capacitor of capacitance 3uF connected in series with a resistor, what will the potential difference across the 1ohm resistor when the EMF is 6V?

    Is the answer a zero? If yes, why? is it becoz the capacitor itself have make the circuit a open circuit such that no current will be able to reach the resistor? If no, why?

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    My question would be at what time? This is a series RC circuit, and the voltages depend on how much time passes after you apply the 6 volts.

    V(c) = Vcc (1-e^-(t/rc))

    V(r) = Vcc * e^-(t/rc)
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    if it was stated that the capacitance were charged fully? No time were stated.
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    Well.. there must be some kind of qualification as to time. If the circuit has been connected a very long time, you could solve it by making t very very large. The equations do model the behavior of the circuit quite nicely.
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