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Intro Physics Resnick and Halliday which book I should choose?

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    Resnick and Halliday have many physics books and they have more than 6 named fundamental of physics I don't know which one I should choose they have many editions for each book and they have the same name .
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    It doesn't really matter much. Halliday and Resnick type books try to give an overview of a lot of physics. This overview is not deep. You will go very deep in all aspects of physics in later physics courses. So the goal of Halliday and Resnick is to cover things very broadly, to introduce you with physical thinking and to make you aware of the basic concepts. In that sense, all editions would serve quite well. I would go for the one that is cheapest.
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    One other thing to think about is some used student copies of this book may be marked up with highlighter which can distract from the reading experience.

    Also ABE Books is a good resource for finding used copies with descriptions on book quality:


    Another possible book resource is the IB Physics book by KA Tsokos, its a bit smaller than Halliday but packaged quite well for freshman level physics:


    and lastly, there the free books by Benjamin Crowell at:

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    Yeah, I liked the green book too. It came out a few years after I graduated. The standard at the time was the royal blue book. Our school used another authors book which wasn't as good and we were only 15 miles from RPI where Resnick taught. Go figure!
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