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My teacher and the textbook seem to be conflicting with eachother, and I would like to know who's right. The image on the left was scanned streight out my my textbook, saying that the third resonance is 5/4 lamda. On the right, is an edited version of the textbook image,showing what my teacher had showed me to display the third resonance in an air coloum. He calims that it's 1 lamda. Who's right? or are they both right? Thanks in advance for any help!:tongue: [Broken]
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1/2 lambda or 1/2 wave length is the distance between two succesive nodes or anti-nodes(crests).

so your text books shows

1 full wave length + 1/4 of a wave length

so 1 + 1/4 = 5/4 wave length ( or 5/4 lambda)

so it is correct.

your teacher's diagram;

1 full wave length + 3/4 of a wave length = 7/5 wave lenghts (7/4 lambda)

which is actually the 4th resonance. NOT the third!


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