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Homework Help: Resonant Lengths in open and closed colums

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    Is there a pattern for resosnant length for closed and open air coloums. Does this apply to instruments.
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    Chi Meson

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    Yes and yes.

    Your question is too vague to offer any more information.
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    What is the pattern

    can u tell me the pattern
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    For a closed-ended column it's:

    Ln = (2n-1)Vf

    For an open-ended column it's:

    Ln = nv

    Ln: which resonant length your finding.
    n: the number corresponding to which resonant length is being found
    v: theoretical speed of sound in the particular medium you are using. in air, you can find this with the formula: v = 331.3 + 0.606*(temperature in degrees celcius)
    f: frequency of the soundwave in the column.

    Hope this helps :smile:
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    Sorry, the "4" and the "2f" are the denominators of the equations
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