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Algebra Resources for tutoring high school algebra

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    I may be doing Algebra I tutoring for high school students soon. What are some good resources for exercises and intuitive/novel explanations for topics some students find sticky, etc.?

    One resource I'm sure I'll be using is the Schaum's Outline of Elementary Algebra, 3ed.

    What I'd also like is recommendations of videos and video series like 3Blue1Brown, but pitched at the level of 9th grade Algebra 1. That is, I'm looking for videos that are not straight lessons, but explain the intuition or rationale behind a single topic in a way that isn't often taught the first time one encounters that topic.
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    Hard to beat Khan Academy. Each video is pretty specific to one topic.
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    Their videos are good, but I was already aware of them, and they don't fit the flavor of what I asked about in my post. The Khan Academy videos are useful, but they serve a different purpose than the type of video I am asking about.
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    Can you expand on what you want that is different from the Khan Academy videos?
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    When I wrote the last paragraph of my first post, I had Khan Academy in mind when I said "That is, I'm looking for videos that are not straight lessons, ."

    I was contrasting 3Blue1Brown to videos like Khan Academy's.

    There's nothing wrong with Khan Academy, and I will be using them as a resource. I just also want some videos on high school algebra topics that are much like the 3Blue1Brown videos.
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    Thanks, smodak.
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