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Resources: Notes/ videos to sketch better geometric figures.

  1. Jul 17, 2015 #1
    I been googling videos and notes regarding the sketching of geometric figures, such as: planes, solids, 3rd/ 2d geometric shapes. Could not find decent resources.

    The reason i ask is that I am having a hard time picturing certain problems with my mediocre drawing skills and I also tutor so it is sometimes easier to draw a person a picture. Ie 3d image of cross-sectional volumes in calculus or
    figures in sterometry.

    I soon will be taking Calculus 3. It is not the math or the theory that is bothering me. It is lack of intuition i can generate from taking an object and simplifying it to its most general case geometrically.

    Also helps with physics problems. Thanks.
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    Google "mechanical drawing/drafting."
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