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Results of last year's CDT prediction poll

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    the results in this case are very simple. Over a dozen of us guessed
    as to whether (understood "in a reasonable time") Loll's team would be able to extend the sum-over-topologies result from 2D to 3D and ultimately to 4D.

    Of the 12 people who registered a forecast, and are still forum members, two got it right: Hans de Vries and Kea.

    they said Loll's group would not be able to extend the results, even to 3D.


    In the most recent CDT survey paper this is discussed a little. some reasons for the stubborn resistance of the problem are mentioned. It has been 10 months since the last paper on toplogy change in CDT and no sign progress. for all practical purposes, as I see it, it has been a reasonable time to wait and Hans and Kea predicted right.


    It may be of some consolation to others that a completely different bunch of people won the OTHER prediction poll we had last year that we have results for
    https://www.physicsforums.com/poll.php?do=showresults&pollid=580 [Broken]

    In that case 14 or so guessed who are still around and the winners (whose names I recognize)
    were Chronos, Notevenwrong, Gokul, and Ohwilleke.

    there is one odd thing. the only person who won both polls was someone who I think was banned from PF! His tag is Spin Network. I have not been counting him because he is no longer a member. But from the limited evidence available I would consider him an inspired guesser.

    a recent CDT survey is here
    see page 4 and references there for discussion of the recalcitrant "sum over topologies" problem
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