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Padmanabhan hologravity thread

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    Kea had a good idea in the MIP forecast poll thread.

    Out of innate gallantry o:) and a desire to make myself useful, I should like to start this thread, which I hope other people will be able to make something out of.

    The paper in question is
    http://arxiv.org/gr-qc/0606061 [Broken]
    Gravity: A New Holographic Perspective
    T. Padmanabhan
    Plenary talk at the International Conference on Einstein's Legacy in the New Millennium, December 15 - 22, 2005, Puri, India

    Padmanabhan has a holographic idea of how gravity works. this paper is one of those on the MIP forecast poll where you have to predict which papers will have the most influence on future directions of research, over, say, the next year or so. this Padma paper might turn out to be important or other papers might turn out more so.

    But as an indication by "track record" we had this earlier Padma paper on the earlier FIRST QUARTER poll
    Thanu Padmanabhan
    Dark Energy: Mystery of the Millennium
    which came out in March 2006 and that sonofagun already has 20 citations, which is more than the others in the poll put together.
    here is the earlier poll, you can see who picked that one
    https://www.physicsforums.com/poll.php?do=showresults&pollid=817 [Broken]
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    Virtual Gravity?

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    I think this paper is very exciting since it activates the basic idea of primary Casimir effect as a root to identify the geometrical fluctuation of space, before big bang. However, what I do not understand is that how one can talk about "charged vacuum", those vacuum bubbles which get charged when they are fluctuating.
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    I was drawn to Padmanabhan's work earlier because he was open to the Sakharov interpretation of space as the quantum vacuum - an elastic solid of sorts. The quote above, I believe, is a step backward from a viable description of quantum gravity, because any field which conveys a property on the entities with which it interacts is in turn conditioned in its variable properties by that interaction. This is the basis for Einstein's search for an "ether" to provide for gravitation, inertia, and the transmission of light. If the vacuum field cannot be densified and/or polarized by the matter embedded in it, it can hardly be said to be dynamical. If gravitation is to be reconciled with quantum theory, the nature of the vacuum has to be taken into account. The vacuum contains the bulk of the mass/energy of the Universe, and its role in gravitation cannot be discounted. I believe Padmanabhan is going down a attractive but fruitless path with this latest paper, although earlier works were encouraging. Check the papers linked in reference 13.
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