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Resume help (undergrad)

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    For an undergraduate resume, my school's advising suggests using a category such as computer skills and listing everything you're familiar with - the example is "ms office, unix, matlab, C" etc. My question is, how much do I need to know to of something consider it a listable skill? Example - I used matlab in a lab for a summer, but I really did only basic programming, and I forgot all the syntax within a semester since I didn't use it, but I feel like I could learn to do whatever I might need to do with it very fast. so what now? does it count? if it doesn't, then what does?

    Thanks ahead of time for clearing up my confusion.
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    It's my contention that you can put matlab as a computer skill....you know how to use it even if you are not an expert. If an employer or anybody like that ever wants to know more details about your experience with it, then it's up to them to ask.
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    Andy Resnick

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    I assume this is a resume for commercial jobs rather than grad school? The current situation with 'job' resumes is that they are scanned electronically, looking for specific (employer-provided) search terms. This favors you listing every specific skill you have, proficient or not, the mentality being that your only goal at this stage is to get an interview.
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