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Resume Question - Where/What to put for research experience

  1. Mar 31, 2013 #1
    I've done research with a professor at my university and I am curious what to put on my resume for this experience. Do I list it as a job, skills, or campus involvement?

    Currently I have this listened under my 'Work Experience' section:

    Research Assistant, Kutztown University
    • Assisted Dr. ------ in researching a vibrational granular system
    • Measured and analyzed data
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  3. Apr 1, 2013 #2
    It depends on what kind of job you are applying for, but generally speaking, the work experience section would be a sensible place to put it. If you are applying for a position in science, the way you have done it seems fine.
  4. Jun 26, 2013 #3
    All depends on the job. I also have research experience on my resume. I listed it in the jobs section followed by a description of the details of the job. You may also want to consider it a project if you were leading the research and your professor was simply watching you. What you have now seems like a good start, but I would try to provide a little more details on the type of job you completed. I.e, "successfully analyzed data in order to establish a new vibration granular system" If your research was published, I would mention that in your resume along with a potential link to the paper or the title, publisher, etc. I would just try to emphasize how important your work was and how it relates to the job. Hope this helps! Best of luck.
  5. Jun 26, 2013 #4
    That is work experience, for sure. You could list it as part of your "education", but that would make it seem less important.

    Make the bullet points about the accomplishments you had during the research experience, not what your responsibilities were. "Assisted Dr. ----" sounds very vague, and it's not clear what you actually did. Did you write code for him? Did you operate or construct equipment for him? Maybe you spent most of your time fetching coffee for him, how would an employer know that wasn't the case? "Measured and Analyzed data" is slightly better, but it doesn't say how you did it. Did you write the code to analyze the data? or did you just brainlessly run a script to do it?

    For one, an employer may ask these kinds of questions during an interview. It's unlikely that they'll quite so blunt, but they will ask you to clarify things you wrote in your resume. They're also more likely to be impressed if they actually know what you accomplished, even if it wasn't that significant. I say ditch the first bullet point, and expand the second one.
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