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REU for EE major that wants to get into applied semiconductor physics

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    REU for EE major that wants to get into applied semiconductor physics....

    hello, I am a dual major in EE and compE, with minors in both chemistry and physics (3 credits away from the chem minor, and I would like to take quantum mechanics, contemporary physics, and solid state physics, which will also get me a physics minor). I am interested in getting into applied semiconductor physics, or maybe photonics, and would be interested in a good REU. I am located in Michigan. Does anyone know of any good EE engineering REU programs located in the Midwest area? If not, does anyone know of any REU programs nationally? I would be willing to travel outside of the midwest.

    Any insight regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you talked to any of the professors at your school who are in that field? I'd recommend starting there.
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