REU for students with refugee status!

I am staying in the United State as a political asylee since 2006. Asylee status is similar as a refugee.

I am at a local community college and have applied for summer research program (REU) funded by National Science Foundation. The NSF website says that to be eligible for summer research, applicant need to be a permanent resident and need a green-card as a proof.

Although I don't have a green card with me right now, I am considered as a california resident and also receiving financial aid which is given by the federal government. I believe that my college treats me as a permanent resident because of which I am eligible for in-state tuition fee.

So, my concern is whether I am eligible for the program or not! I do have an Alien number which is same as my green card number.

I have already conducted a research at Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory on summer of 08, which was funded by Jack kent cooke and I didnt have any problem with my status.

Do they have any summer research opportunity for those people who are legal alien, such as refugee, asylee, but their greencard is pending?

Thank you for your time.
I would be grateful for your help.

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If they say you need a green card, they usually mean exactly that, I'm afraid.
I would still apply (your green card status is, I assume, in consideration, via your statement of "pending"). You may just want to include a note about this (including that fact that it is pending) in your application, and see if the institution can figure it out (provided they are interested in your application.

With luck, it could be that your green card is approved before the REU starts.

Also, continue to look for other opportunities, possibly at Lawrence-Berkeley as before.

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