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REU student working on QFT seeking help!

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    Hi everybody,

    I thought I'd give this a shot and see if anyone would like to be a sort of "mentor" for me this summer? I have not taken Quantum mechanics and I am actually working on a QFT-esque REU project for the next 8 weeks (!). Anyone interested in maybe answering (I will definitely try to limit) questions I have on a pretty regular basis? Anyone? :blushing:

    Maybe about 5 questions a week?? It would be great if I could have another resource to help guide me in addition to the professor I'm working with.... He's already being extremely generous just by agreeing to work with me.
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    You can always post your questions here or perhaps even start a thread you update regularly with your questions.
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    :bugeye: Huh?? Working on anything involving QFT without first gaining proficiency in QM is ill-advised, imho.

    Post a description of the "QFT-esque" project you're supposed to work on.

    Like Jorriss said, you can post questions here, or in the homework forums, depending on the type and level of question.
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