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RIP H. Edward Roberts, PC Pioneer

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    H. Edward Roberts, PC Pioneer, Dies at 68

    I remember some of the first PCs, like the Altair, and Tandy's version, Commodore-64, and the first IBM PC (based on an 8086 processor). I bought my first PC in 1985 and added an 8087 math co-processor to increase speed of calculations.
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    I worked for Commodore in the early 80's. Before the Commodore-64 was the Vic-20 and before that the PET. The first computer I bought was an Atari 800. With 48 Kilobytes (for the younguns, a Kilobyte is like a Gigabyte, only smaller) of memory, a floppy disk drive (like a memory stick, only electro-mechanical) holding 88 Kilobyes, and a dot matrix printer (like a laser printer that prints 9 dots at a time) it came to around $3000. It launched my career as a software engineer and in that way paid for itself many times over.
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    Even though Gates and Roberts clashed and were estranged for most of their lives, Gates care and concern as Roberts was dying was touching. A real class act...
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