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Pioneer Corporation (パイオニア株式会社, Paionia Kabushiki-gaisha) commonly referred to as Pioneer, is a Japanese multinational corporation based in Tokyo, that specializes in digital entertainment products. The company was founded by Nozomu Matsumoto in January 1, 1938 in Tokyo as a radio and speaker repair shop. Its current president is Susumu Kotani.
Pioneer played a role in the development of interactive cable TV, the LaserDisc player, the first automotive Compact Disc player, the first detachable face car stereo, Supertuner technology, DVD and DVD recording, the first AV receiver with Dolby Digital, plasma display (with the last 2 years of plasma models being branded as Kuro, lauded for their outstanding black levels) and Organic LED display (OLED). The company works with optical disc and display technology and software products and is also a manufacturer. BMW, Volkswagen Group and Daimler AG of Germany jointly acquired a 3% ownership stake in Pioneer through a joint venture company called Here B.V. Most of Pioneer's shares are held by Mitsubishi.
In March 2010, Pioneer stopped producing televisions as announced on 12 February 2009. On June 25, 2009, Sharp Corporation agreed to form a joint venture on their optical business to be called Pioneer Digital Design and Manufacturing Corporation. In September 2014, Pioneer agreed to sell Pioneer Home Electronics (Home A/V) to Onkyo, and in March 2015, Pioneer sold its DJ equipment business division to KKR, which resulted in the establishment of Pioneer DJ as a separate entity, independent of Pioneer. In June 2021, Voxx International announced that it had finalized a licensing agreement with the Pioneer and Pioneer Elite brands "for all markets, except China" as part of their acquisition of Onkyo.

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  1. D

    If we have a non combustible power source

    If i create a non combustible self-sustaining energy source that generates zero radiation, what kind of propulsion system could be designed? Is someone out there with that type of propulsion system already?
  2. G

    A What could potentially explain the onset of the Pioneer Anomaly?

    With regard to solar radiation effects causing the onset of effect, have any here investigated whether this is consistent with the observed residuals? Because the power of solar radiation is proportional to inverse square of distance from the Sun, it seems plausible to me that the mis-modeled...
  3. atyy

    Gravitational waves pioneer Ronald Drever dies

  4. F

    I New interpretations of the Pioneer effect ?

    Dear all I' d like to draw the attention on (and discuss) something extremely strange i noticed in recent publications related to the Pioneer effect. This does not require more than undergraduate level and its only about very basic classical physics : the Doppler effect and nothing else! After...
  5. George Jones

    News John Dobson: Pioneer of Amateur Astronomy

    He revolutionized amateur astronomy. http://www.universetoday.com/108150/john-dobson-inventor-of-the-popular-dobsonian-telescope-dead-at-98/ http://www.skyandtelescope.com/news/John-Dobson-1915ndash2014-240456881.html
  6. jtbell

    Ray Dolby: Audio Pioneer & Innovator (1933-2013)

    http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Ray-Dolby-pioneering-sound-engineer-dies-at-80-4810882.php Those of us who grew up with audio cassettes remember the Dolby noise-reduction system for reducing tape hiss. It made cassettes capable of "high fidelity" music reproduction, at least by the...
  7. S

    The Pioneer effect and Spacecraft flyby anomaly

    Does general relativity explain the Pioneer effect and the spacecraft flyby anomaly? I have seen several papers on those two topics but no GR explanation.
  8. M

    What Caused the Pioneer Anomaly?

    http://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/astrophysics/finding-the-source-of-the-pioneer-anomaly/?utm_source=techalert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=120612 I believe this settles it.
  9. B

    Does Photon Emission Influence Celestial Body Movement?

    What evidence proves that photon emission of an object, - at all sends some of its momentum back to the source, - and thereby cause it to decelerate (or move opposite)? Or what is the evidence proving that photon emission at all do have a decelerating influence on the object emitting the...
  10. Z

    Pioneer anomaly not gravitational

    The Pioneer anomaly I read that the Pioneer anomaly is a sunward acceleration that is larger than Newtonian gravity predicts. This extra acceleration has been measured at; (8.74 ± 1.33) × 10−10 m/s2 between 10AU and 90AU from the Sun. But because the ‘extra acceleration’ is constant across...
  11. A

    Pioneer 10 Spacecraft travelling in space

    Homework Statement To escape from the solar system, how fast did the Pioneer 10 have to be traveling as it passed the orbit of Jupiter? Assume the mass of the solar system is essentially concentration in the Sun. The mass of the Sun is 1.99 x 10^30 kg and the radius of Jupiter's orbit is 7.78...
  12. S.Daedalus

    Exploring the Pioneer Anomaly: Could Heat Radiation Explain It?

    The very likely explanation of the apparent Pioneer anomaly through improved heat radiation models (https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=486509". As luck would have it, just today I stumble upon an article on improved measurements of the Earth's gravitational field by the...
  13. bcrowell

    Pioneer Anomaly Solved - Reflective Thermal Model

    We've known for a while that the Pioneer anomaly couldn't be gravitational: Iorio, "Does the Neptunian system of satellites challenge a gravitational origin for the Pioneer anomaly?," http://arxiv.org/abs/0912.2947 Now it looks like it's completely solved: F. Francisco, O. Bertolami, P...
  14. J

    Pioneer 10 Anomaly: Revising GR Physics Model with Intriguing "Nudges

    This area of physics (GR and spacecraft anomalies) have intrigued me for years. I have discovered a few things and developed a model that seems to fit the Pioneer's anomaly, with a couple of intriguing "nudges" to our existing GR physics model. Would like to publish and or have the...
  15. S

    Could Dust Be Responsible for the Pioneer Anomaly?

    I have looked through the on-line documentation of the Pioneer Anomaly, and have a simple question: Could the apparent additional acceleration toward the Sun be due to an additional mass of dust which adhered to the spacecraft ? I notice that the authors of the main papers (...
  16. J

    The Pioneer Anomaly and Vacuum Energy

    One of the proposed explanations for the Pioneer Anomaly is that the additional deceleration is caused by interaction with the vacuum energy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_anomoly#Definition_of_inertia_modified This makes sense to me, given that some of the particles must actually...
  17. J

    Pioneer Spacecraft: Exploring SR Effects on Gravitational Fields

    Pioneer Spacecraft: As far as I know, the "extra" apparent acceleration towards the sun is yet to be adequately explained or shown to be an empirical error. Given the ad-hoc nature of this experiment it may require a better one to resolve this, but it got me thinking about what is unique about...
  18. L

    Pioneer spacecraft - what cosmological direction are they travelling?

    Can anyone tell me how I could find out the exact direction that the Pioneer spacecraft are travelling? I need to figure out what direction they are traveling relative to the cosmic microwave background radiation. Thanks. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_anomaly )
  19. Astronuc

    News RIP H. Edward Roberts, PC Pioneer

    H. Edward Roberts, PC Pioneer, Dies at 68 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/03/business/03roberts.html I remember some of the first PCs, like the Altair, and Tandy's version, Commodore-64, and the first IBM PC (based on an 8086 processor). I bought my first PC in 1985 and added an 8087 math...
  20. bcrowell

    Pioneer anomaly not gravitational

    An analysis of the orbits of Neptune's satellites seems to show that the Pioneer anomaly can't be gravitational. http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/24541/
  21. Astronuc

    Prairie Pioneer Seeks To Reinvent The Way We Farm

    Agriculture and gardening are two keen personal interests. I happened to catch this story on NPR. Prairie Pioneer Seeks To Reinvent The Way We Farm http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113766846 by Richard Harris Wes Jackson's group, The Land Institute, are attempting to...
  22. Integral

    Pioneer Scuba Diver: Uncle Everett's Story

    I got to share this, even though it is not all that. I just got back from a family gathering and talked with my older brother for the first time since Christmas. This summer he visited a Diving museum in Florida, across one wall was large picture of the first 9 Navy divers. The ones who...
  23. B

    The Pioneer Anomaly: Examining Velocity Gained through Gravity Assist Manoeuvres

    Several space probes was by gravity assist manoeuvre gaining between 4 and 13 mm velocity per second. Are this values average based on acceleration through time, or are these pure deceleration per second?
  24. MTd2

    Pioneer anomaly possibly found manifest in Saturn orbit.

    Now it’s Saturn’s turn to flummox astrophysicists. The Russian astronomer Elean Pitjeva, who heads the Laboratory of Ephemeris Astronomy at the Institute of Applied Astronomy in St Petersburg, has analysed a huge data set of planetary observations dating back to 1913, including 3D observations...
  25. B

    Is the Pioneer Anomaly really directed towards the Sun ?

    Is the Pioneer Anomaly really directed towards the Sun ? How sure are we ? Why not directed around the Sun ?
  26. Garth

    The Anomalous Acceleration of the Pioneer Spacecrafts

    A nice review of the anomaly has just been published on the Physics ArXiv as a result of an "Invited talk in Astronomia Dinamica en Latinoamerica. To be published in Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica, Conference Series." The Anomalous Acceleration of the Pioneer Spacecrafts with the...
  27. F

    Time dilation and the pioneer spacecraft

    I've been thinking about this for a while but never got around to asking this. This has two parts. First, I understand that time and matter are closely related and that time slows down when in proximity to more matter. So, time on the moon is faster than time on Earth and time on Jupiter is...
  28. P

    Exploring the Pioneer Anomaly: Slower Than Physics Predicts?

    If you look up the pioneer anomaly you will find out that over vast distances they are slightly off in there mesurements on where the probes should be, in that they lose 5,000 meters a year. This means they are going slower than physics says they should. While I am not a physicist (I would...
  29. C

    Pioneer 10 and 11 anomylous acceleration

    I heard an interview with a physicist on the radio who was talking about how the pioneer 9 and 10 felt an anomylous acceleration towards the sun during their missions. The force was 1/10 millionth of a G and according to the physicist who helped try to solve this mystery at the JPL labs, the...
  30. L

    Anomalous acceleration of Pioneer 10 and 11

    I came upon http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/gr-qc/pdf/0104/0104064.pdf" that describes the analysis of the anomalous acceleration of Pioneer 10 and 11, an unexplained perturbation of the trajectories of these spacecraft launched in the early 70's and observed during several decades. After a...
  31. T

    Newton's Gravity corrected and Pioneer 10 anomaly

    http://www.zoran-ozimec.com/ In short he claims that Newton's law must be slightly corrected on base of material difference between mases in interaction. Given also is one calculation that predicts difference between classical (Newton's formula) and new formula by about 0.3%. Computer...
  32. F

    Pioneer Anomaly & the Mystery of Dark Matter: A Closer Look

    A couple of matters have caused me some curiosity of late. One is the "Pioneer Anomaly", wherein exploratory spacecraft are slightly off course: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_anomaly The other is something I read about recently in New Scientist, about a revised theory of gravity...
  33. wolram

    Exploring the Topological Origin of the Pioneer Anomaly

    http://lanl.arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/0501041 the pioneer anomaly is due to topological phase defect of light
  34. Ivan Seeking

    Pioneer Anomaly: Unravelling Physics' Mysteries

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=2026&ncid=2026&e=10&u=/latimests/20041221/ts_latimes/gravitymayloseitspull http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/gr-qc/pdf/0104/0104064.pdf
  35. R

    American artificial planet Pioneer IV

    hi Im stuck on how to do this question ...can anyone give me any hints : The American artificial planet Pioneer IV reached its closest approach to the sun 91.7 million mi on march 17 1959. At aphelion it will be 106.1 million mi from the sun. What is: a.) the speed at which it passed...
  36. Chronos

    Pioneer anomaly and quintessence

    Is the pioneer anomaly due to quintessence? I thought this was interesting http://www.arxiv.org/PS_cache/gr-qc/pdf/0407/0407023.pdf
  37. marcus

    Can Loop Quantum Gravity Explain the Pioneer Anomaly?

    Pioneer anomaly--LQG style an effort is being made to see if the Pioneer anomaly can be understood within the context of Loop gravity why should acceleration taper off so slowly after a while, or not at all? we should have the data handy, like in this paper...
  38. K

    Temperature of space - pioneer 10

    What is the magnitude of the temperature of space at 20 - 70 AU from the sun? And how much would a piece of copper, aluminium or iron contract by at this temperature?Assuming the pioneer 10 space probe is made from these metals!
  39. K

    Investigating Anomalous Acceleration of Pioneer 10

    Did anyone ever find out why pioneer 10 had an anomalous acceleration of 10^ - 8 cm/s/s towards the Sun?
  40. Kerrie

    Howard Stern: the last free speech pioneer

    Having Howard Stern's controversial radio show suspended shows where America is headed when it comes to free speech and the ability to excercise the first amendment. I used to despise the Stern show as I took personal offense to his comments regarding women, but as I experienced some life...