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Road to Robotics (Artificial Intelligence)

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    Hello ppl, my name is Werner and I am new to the forums. Well, i am currently a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona and undecided on what degree to take. My main objective is to work on Robotics/Mechatronics fields, concentrating mainly on artificial intelligence. By AI, i mean developing the "mind" of a robot. In my school, they offer a BS in Computer Engineering and a BS in Computer Science, and i'm wondering which one should i devote my time to so that my knowledge and work would be more into the artificial intelligence part of the robot industry. I think it would be more directed towards Computer Science. hmmm, i'm also thinking about a double major! haha

    I also heard that i have to have a specialization, if this is true then what would be the best fit specialization for me?

    I also would like to know the potential for this field, present and the future. Like the availability of jobs.

    so yeah, input is greatly appreciated! Another roboticist on the way! haha
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    Robotics generally encompasses mechanics, electronics and software. However, to really master robotics, I think that it is important to have at least some knowledge and experience with all three components.

    There are people who consider themselves roboticists these days who work primarily with simulated robots--software models of robots--so robotics can be largely software. But even those scientists try to pay attention to the way physical robots function, so that their models will be accurate.

    Computer Science is useless if you want to get into robotics. Compsci is easy but useless for someone who intends to study robotics. You need to go for engineering.
    There is no degree in just robotics for start, but in Electrical and Computer Engineering, esp Computer Systems Engineering.

    You should also check out whatever Randy Beer is doing. He does software modeling of robots, which sounds like it fits your interests perfectly.

    On a sidenote, I don't want to discourage you but the amount of applicants for mechatronics/robotics is just tremendous...
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