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Artificial intelligence: what double degree to choose?

  1. Sep 6, 2015 #1
    My only dream in life is to develop a robot that has common sense and wisdom and pretty much be as smart as a human that can help society solve ISIS, food shortages etc.

    So I am choosing Computer Science next year for university.

    Though I have heard that doing the degree purely is too dry and not practical for the workforce. I want(and will) major in artificial intelligence/machine learning. So I was wondering if you guys could suggest the perfect minor degree or double to go with computer science to increase my competitive edge in artificial intelligence.

    I also like robotics so I was considering doing a double with CS and computer engineering/electrical engineering.

    I was also considering majoring in both ML and neuroscience so I can have inspiration from mother nature when inventing algorithms or a better understanding on how HARD intelligence systems could better interact with humans.

    I'm also up for cognitive psychology if it will help me in developing these systems.

    So what double should I choose(or minor)?

    And I'm from Australia, if that helps
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    Who keeps saying computer science isn't practicable? It's certainly more practicable than something like cognitive psychology as a bachelors.

    Machine learning is in use for things like search engines. There is no real artificial intelligence yet, or any kind of theoretical framework to develop from. So, suggesting a minor/second major that will benefit what you want to do is difficult. The neuroscience minor/major or some type of biology/biophysics might help.

    You should also plan on obtaining an advanced degree (MS or PhD).
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    that first option would work.

    a lot of AI researchers major in computational neuroscience.
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