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Robotics and motion replication

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    Hey all

    I'm working with a simple 'robot' that consists of a sensor (rotary encoder) and a DC motor. Both are coupled through a computer. My goal is to simply replicate any rotation the sensor undergoes using the motor. For example if the sensor turns one revolution in a second, I want the motor to replicate the same motion in real-time.

    I can obtain position data from the encoder at a fairly high frequency. I realize that motion control in robotics is a huge field unto itself. I'm new at this and would really appreciate some references (websites, textbooks, etc) that I could look at. I'm having trouble with the 'key words' I'd use to find literature on this topic specifically.


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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Servomechanism" [Broken] is one place to start.

    For your example, you could use an optical encoder on the motor as the feedback/error signal. Try to make this error zero.
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