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Aerospace Rocket launch pad powered by liner actuator

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    I'm trying to build this, but I'm confused a bit about the optimal cheaper way of getting it working, it should be working on 12v battery car and cover 0-90 degree of movement , I've in mind couple of simple ideas, I think I can't build a complicated one like military launch pads mounted on trucks :)

    First idea (using liner actuator):

    Second idea (using a motor):

    I need help in some calculations too, for example, a liner actuator 700N can't do the job, right? I'd be happy to hear another ideas as well.

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    The 1st way can apply the greatest moment to the platform when it's vertical, but that's also when the required force is lowest. So the 2nd way keeps the actuator operating within a narrower range of loads, so it can be more optimally sized and operated.

    As for economy, if you buy an industrial actuator, you're paying for very long life. If you only expect to use it occasionally it may be cheaper to use a lower quality home-made one.

    Have you considered a gearmotor driving the pivot directly or via a chain?

    The 2nd way means the platform doesn't have to support such a large bending moment, so you can save on construction of that.
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