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Any proof that it WAS Osama bin Laden

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    It seems to be common knowledge that Osama bin Laden was to blame for the World Trade Center attacks. But I don't ever recall hearing any solid proof that it was in fact him, only that video of him saying the men who did do that were good men.
    Anyone know anything about it?
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    Werks fer me!
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    He's never explicitly stated it (that I know of), but there is plenty of evidence that it was him. Remember, all of the terrorists were identified and tracked after the attack. In addition, the 20th hijacker, currently on trial, has admitted he's a member of Al Queda.
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    I am too tired to find it right now, but I remember a statement about "when we planned it, I never thought the towers would fall, none of us did. But god willing they did!"
    Something about his whole shocked that it actually worked. His posessive terms and the mention of planning pretty much is an admission in my book. I'll find the link later.
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    I also heard/saw that. It was a video clip that was translated, supposedly. It was on all of the major news channels.
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    I too remember that video. It was a huge deal when they got the video.
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    Ahh Ok then! I must've missed it, oh well.
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