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Rotation Kinematics and a stupid fridge

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    Problem as stated:
    -A refrigerator is approximately a uniform parallelepiped h = 7 ft tall, w = 4 ft wide, and d = 2 ft deep. It sits upright on a truck with its 4 ft dimension in the direction of travel. Assume that the refrigerator cannot slide on the truck and that its mass is 110 kg. For the first three parts of this problem, the rope shown in the picture is not there.
    -What is the maximum acceleration the truck can have such that the refrigerator does not tip over?
    * It gave help hints: (1)Since the fridge is not rotating, the sum of all the torques about an axis through the CM must be zero.(2) for the maximum acceleration, assume that the fridge is just starting to tip, so that the point of contact with the floor of the truck is at the back corner.
    Any help would be great.
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    D H

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    The number one rule of the homework section is

    Did you show your work? Homework helpers will not assist with any questions until you've shown your own effort on the problem. Remember, we help with homework, we don't do your homework.

    So, show some your work on solving this problem, and others will pitch in to help.
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