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: rotatonal KE

  1. Nov 25, 2007 #1
    URGENT: rotatonal KE

    Two astronauts each having a mass of 54 kg are connected by a 10 m rope of negligible mass. They are isolated in space, orbiting about their centre of mass at speeds of 3.7 m/s. Calculate the rotational energy of the two astronauts.

    A. 739.3 J
    B. 1478.5 J
    C. 29.6 J
    D. 317.9 J
    E. 369.6 J

    Which one is it?????

    I did:

    KE= 1/2 (I + I) omega ^2

    and it turned out to be A. Is it correct???
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    That's right.
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