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Rotor Disassembly from Vehicle Alternator - How?

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    Good evening,

    Before I start, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I wasn't sure where to post such a question.

    I have an car alternator which I'm going to be experimenting with to generate electricity from the wind. It's a GM Valeo model, possibly taken out of a Vauxhall. Right now it's disassembled and I need to take the rotor apart since I'm planning on replacing the coil inside with a ring permanent magnet. I've also come up with an idea of using multiple magnets and placing them on the inner-side of the "claws" with different poles (N, S, N, S, etc) however I'm failing to see if that will be good enough.

    If anyone knows how to take a rotor apart, I'd greatly appreciate your help. I can't find anything to take off to make it come apart. Please note this is my first time doing this. Also, if anyone has anything to add to improve the output of the alternator when it's been re-assembled, please post it here!

    I have some images here of the rotor here;

    A B C


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    Doug Huffman

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    It is probably pressed together and not intended to be disassembled/repaired. Modern stuff is commoditised.

    If you must continue, heat the pole piece assemblies near red hot and drive the shaft out with a hydraulic press.
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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortuantely I don't have any industrial machines to work with.

    I'm assuming you mean the middle metal shaft running through is meant to be pushed out therefore it'll come apart?
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    jim hardy

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    Here's a "how to" article


    have you a friend or local vocational school with a lathe ?

    You might be ahead to get the permanent magnet alternator from a motorcycle ..
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    I live in the UK, I'm presuming motorbikes have a Permanent Magnet Alternator? If so that's great news, I might be able to get my hands on one.
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    PF gets frequent posts about making wind generators. To get a worthwhile output, you really need a pretty specialist alternator (not to mention a good blade design for the turbine). Of course, such a project would be good fun but you may be disappointed with the actual power output except in a hoolie.
    You may need to gear up in order to make the alternator run at a useful speed (1000 rpm +). That is a pain because gearing reduces efficiency. I have a small wind generator on my boat and it uses a pair of disc magnets and a very fancy wound stator sandwiched between them. Despite all this technology (and cost) it only manages to produce a few Watts.
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