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Salary of an entry-level Pharmacist

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    How much money per hour does an entry-level Pharmacist generally earn?
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    I do not know too much about per hour pay, but I have heard people say on average contracts that total about $70k per year. My chemistry proffesor said she knew someone who as soon as they had graduated made $90k. Though I don't know the hours, sorry.
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    That sounds very good, to me. As an older worker, I remind you to ask also what the senior level person amkes in a field. High entry level pay is often just a carrot to attract people into a field that may offer little advancement. It is common in academia, for instance, for pay raises to be scarce or non existent after one settles in with tenure and a house payment.
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    Around here, anywhere from 70k to 100k a year. Though, you may want to think about becoming a pharmacist... The pharmacists I knew hated their job because they didn't do much, the computers did. So they went to as much school as a doctor, yet do far less. If you do become a pharmacist, try to land a job at a hospital to make things more interesting, that way you would be able to actually talk to the doctors and recomend medication, etc.
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    I think the average is somewhere around 70 thousand annually, although if you decide to work in a wal-mart or any other local supermarket you may get paid less. I got accepted into pharmacy school a while ago...opted out because it was way too boring. Pharmacy, to be honest, is easy money, you won't learn squat, and you won't get any kind of respect or savvy, not to mention the occasional condenscending attitude from the docs;not a respectible field, but a lot of demand, thus the high salary.
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    A lot of the pharmacists I know love their job, they like to be able to deal with people and help them. Of course there are a lot of them that also go into it for the money......there are lots of pre-pharm students at my university and I swear they are all in it for the money....and there is no denying it pharmacists make good money. But in my opinion that is not the only reason to go into something, I think you should go into something because you love it and are passionate about it. Money is important to, but I would rather not make as much money and be happy.
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    Oh and I forgot to actually answer the first question, I believe a pharmacist starts out around 70K but that can significantly increase, especially if you are an owner or part owner of the pharmacy which is what a lot of people I know have done But again don't go into it just for the money!
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    It also depends on the type of work you do and the location. Pharmacists in chain stores (such as CVS, etc.) generally start between 80k to 100k per year, working 12 hour shifts or more for seevral days at a time. Hospital pharmacists have it a little easier but make a littel less. Independent pharmacies don't pay as much either, but the hours may be shorter. Nuclear pharmacists start between 70k to 90k, but tend to work only 8-10 hour shifts, but early morning (pre dawn so the drugs are ready for the phsyicians/patients when they arrive at the hospital/clinic). If you would like more info about being a nuclear pharmacist, give me PM (my company is always looking for new nuclear pharmacists).
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    You can make between $80-$100k as your http://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/Pharmacist-Salary-SRCH_KO0,10.htm" [Broken], depending on where you get a job and what company you work for. I've got to agree to not go into this just for the money -- we all enjoy what we do.

    Best of luck,

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