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Bioinformatics MS program at Northeastern [Boston]

  1. Jan 22, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone,
    m a medico.. i was wondering how's the bioinformatics MS program at Northeastern[Boston].. Does their co-op program guarantee a job? how are the salaries initially? would be a great help if someone shares any info.
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    No degree guarantees a job, but as you may know, bioinformatics is a pretty employable degree right at this moment.

    And isn't Massachusetts an area booming with biotech firms anyway? You probably know more about that than me.
    I am in an entire different part of the world and I always hear bioinformatics is among the most employable degrees and when I look at vacancies site at PhD lvl in biotech/biochemistry, they sure do come up a lot.

    Only thing may be that if you are aiming for the all highest, all things being equal, is the bioinformatic the most likely person to run the whole lab, the entire research department, or the entire company? Glass ceiling for you may be being in charge of all the other bioinformaticians. If you want to make money you have to own the business or be a manager. Your skills may be too precious and too niche and you may be too hard to replace to be promoted to management.
    Something to really worry about right now? Probably not.
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