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Salary Question

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    Let me first say that the answer to this question is not going to determine my career path; it is just to satisfy my curiosity. I am interested in the research and development nuclear fusion and would like to know how much people in this field make. I have scoured the internet and cannot find any information. Obviously, there is a lot of information on nuclear engineers: but I assume that this deals with people who work with fission, not fusion.
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    You realize that the answer is entirely dependent on the position...

    Harrison Ford the actor and Joe Blow the 2nd assistant Craft Services guy both work in the film indiustry...
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    Im sorry. You are right, I wasnt clear. Just say that I am some researcher (with a PhD) working on developing fusion power (say at some company that is working on a tokamak). Not some entry-level or low-level worker. I dont have many specific details on the question because I simply dont know enough about the various positions. If I cant give you enough info, just forget I asked the question.
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    I'm going to guess 80K as a reasonably representative salary.
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    Do you know anything that would lead you to this guess? Are you in the field or are you just ballparking?
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    Just ballparking. The field is sufficiently thin to make it difficult to find anyone who actually works there. Try to find some names of companies/labs working on the thing, and then look them up on glassdoor.
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